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3 Day Weekend

"An ingeniously constructed thrill ride - a taut 80 minutes of gripping entertainment - a storytelling triumph"

The Movie Gourmet

"...a flat-out modern crime masterpiece - one of the year's best fright flicks in my not so humble opinion"


"...diabolical and brilliant - delivers a giant 'Aha!'

at the end"

- MinnPost

"...this is a fun, fun movie that will stir up your brain"

- Minnesota Public Radio

"...a brilliant indie film with a finale that will make

your jaw drop"

- World Film Geek

"...a feisty, low-budget twister, suspenseful and entertaining"

- the San Jose Mercury News

"There is a surprise twist at every step, but the puzzle isn't solved until the very last scene"


An amateur camper stumbles across a kidnapping gone wrong, a jailhouse rendezvous, a double-cross, or a revenge plot, depending on which desperate character is misinterpreting the story - a puzzle thrill-ride told with no dialogue. Starring Morgan Krantz ("In the Dark"), Maya Stojan ("Agents of Shield"), Nathan Phillips ("Snakes on a Plane") and Scott MacDonald ("Jarhead"). 80 minutes.


copyright Sleeper Cell films 2020

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